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Windswept provide some of the most entertaining and fun outdoor games. We focus on toys 
and games for all ages – and make a special effort to provide the very best in rainy day 
games in addition to outdoor fun.

With fantastic delivery options we’re able to get our extensive range to you in a good time, 
so the fun can start sooner.
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<h2>Extreme Stunt & Power Kites</h2>

Visit our power kites to get a taste of adrenaline. Take to the skies with many sports kites 
available to buy online.

We also offer dedicated kites for kids that are designed specifically for use by children of the 
ages of 4+.

Sports kites are an immense way to harness the forces of the wind, and great fun!

<h2>Outdoor Games & Toys For Kids & Adults</h2>

There is plenty to do in the great outdoors, and we have an amazing selection of outdoor 
games to help make it as entertaining as possible.

We stock a range of water toys for kids, as well as adults, including sail boats and water 


Don’t fancy the water? No problem, we also have outdoor ball games including Nerf games
that can be great fun - whilst keeping you dry.

We’ve put together a specially selected range for special events, including a range of beach 
games for when you’re hitting the sand.

<h2>Flying Toys, Shooting Toys & Rainy Day Games</h2>

If you want to harness the power of the wind, our flying toys are a great way to do that. With 
Frisbee and boomerang toys you can enjoy a day in the park – or perhaps an evening, with 
some of them able to glow in the dark!Company vat number: 1118508424

See our shooting games for a great selection of Nerf games, and if there’s a rainy day 
coming then our rainy day games selection is perfect for finding creative activities and board 
games to enjoy during bad weather.

<h2>Outdoor & Indoor Games From Windswept</h2>

If you’re looking for a fun activity, you’ve come to the right place. We work hard to provide 
the best and most exhilarating outdoor and indoor games for both kids and adults.
Browse our selection and buy online.


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