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Pictionary AI

Minimum Age: 8 years +

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Product Description & Features

Get ready for an innovative, high-tech twist to game night with Pictionary® Vs. AI. What is known and loved about Pictionary is elevated to a whole new level when it's human sketches pitted against AI guesses. But the real points are earned by predicting which sketches the AI will guess correctly. Pictionary Vs. AI is packed with hilarity and surprises, making it a perfect board game for family night!

Players sketch and the AI guesses with this new way to play Pictionary®, the classic family drawing game. Will the AI guess the drawing that kind of looks like a crocodile and the one that really looks like pizza? Players place a token with their predictions and win points if they guessed correctly. This family board game pits humans and artificial intelligence against each other in the most hilarious way—by playing Pictionary®! The first player to cross the finish line wins in this fun game for kids and adults alike! Pictionary® Vs. AI is an interactive and hysterical board game for game night! App designed with children's privacy in mind. Pictionary Vs. AI Family Game for Kids and Adults and Game Night Using Artificial Intelligence Includes phone holder, erasable board holder, gameboard, 112 clue cards, 4 movers, 4 wet erase markers, 4 erasable boards


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