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Nerf Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike Dart Blaster

Minimum Age: 8 years +

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Product Description & Features

This Nerf Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike dart-firing blaster takes its inspiration from the Roblox experience Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra! The blaster includes a special code that allows you to redeem an exclusive virtual item on Roblox!* Sink your fangs into dart-blasting fun with this blaster that features a cool snake design. It includes a removable 6-dart clip and 6 Nerf Elite foam darts and has bolt-action priming. Load the clip, slide the priming bolt, and pull the trigger to blast 1 dart. Use the attached bipod to steady your aim and fold it up when not in use. The nonremovable scope helps with targeting. Official Nerf darts are tested and approved for performance and quality and are great for indoor and outdoor games. Eyewear recommended (not included).



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