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Speak Out Showdown

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Product Description & Features

Product Description

Gather friends and family together for this head-to-head version of the Speak Out game. Form teams and have one player from each team sit in front of the unit and say different phrases while wearing a speech-inhibiting mouthpiece that keeps their lips open. Their teammates try to guess what they've said when the hand is flipped down in front of them, indicating that it's their turn to talk. But when the hand is flipped up, mum's the word and teammates can't say anything. The unit will continue to flip up and down randomly within the 60 second round. Earn cards by correctly guessing phrases. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Product Features

  • Play head-to-head with family and friends
  • Lots of cards means lots of phrases
  • Electronic timer interrupts players on their turn


Hasbro Games

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