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Helix Fun

Minimum Age: 6 years +

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Product Description & Features

Helix FUN is a recreational racket game played either solo (against the wall or freestyle juggling) or with two or more players (like a rally). The unique feature of this toy is that it can be played indoors as well as outdoors, 365 days a year due to its extremely light weight design. Helix FUN offers 2 skill levels: Play at either 5 ft with the long shuttle or rally at 15 ft with the smaller shuttle! Pack includes 2 Bats &, 1 Pro skill level shuttle and 1 Fun skill level shuttle. “Helix the longest rallies ever!”

  • Helix FUN Game Pack includes - 2 rackets (Blue and Orange)
  • 1 Fast feather shuttle
  • 1 Slow feather shuttle
  • Age 6+



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