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Our selection of power kites can provide some of the most exhilarating fun for children and adults. With so many different types available, including kites for kids, there is something for everyone. Buy online today.

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Windswept realise the awesome power of the wind, with some of the more advanced power kites able to quite literally lift you off your feet! It’s an extreme rush, not suitable for everyone. If you’re unsure of taking part in such a powerful outdoor activity then we also stock a great range of amateur power kites as well as power kites for beginners that are much easier to control. The fun of ordering your power kite online and then taking it to the sky for the first time is unrivalled – but please familiarise yourself with the various kite safety precautions that are advised, especially if you’re a beginner. We have a great guide on how to fly a power kite if you’re not sure where to start, which can be of great use when taking your kite out for the first time. Make sure you read through all of our instructions, we’ve worked hard to provide some excellent information including tips on how to control your kite, the wind window and understanding wind flow.

Extreme Power Kite Fun For Beginners & Advanced Flyers

We aim to provide a huge selection of outdoor games in addition to an excellent range of toys – but our power kites selection is well-suited to both amateurs and pros, and we would be glad to help with anything we can - whatever your level of ability. We aim to provide as much information as possible in order to make power kites both fun and safe – please read through our information and contact us if you think we’ve missed anything or you have anything important that you feel we should add. Buy online now and enjoy flexible delivery options in the UK.