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Atomic Lemon

Minimum Age: 14 years +

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Product Description & Features

The Atomic Lemon R2F is a stunt kite that has been designed to cope with fresh sea breezes, so it's exceptional in medium to high winds. It's also a great introductory kite for people who want get to grips with the world of kiting, and want to learn some basic tricks but that doesn't mean your hardcore advanced pilots will be disappointed with the Atomic Lemon R2F's performance - it's suitable for pilots of all skill levels. So, the next time you're heading to the beach just break out this bad boy and you'll be catching some killer gusts in no time.

Production Features

  • A stunt kite that's perfect for both beginners and advanced pilots
  • Learn basic tricks in medium wind speeds and feel the pull in high wind speeds
  • Collapsible leading edges allow an easy reduction of the kite

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