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Delta Jolly Roger Kite

Minimum Age: 6 years +

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Product Description & Features

Ahh, the feel of the salt in the air, a bottle of rum (or apple juice, in this case) and 16 men on a dead man's chest (whatever that means). You can't beat a good pirate yarn, so it's no wonder kids love them. They'll also love this Delta Jolly Roger Kite as it's incredibly easy to fly, so perfect for beginners and children. It's designed with a fearsome Jolly Roger over crossed sabres, so if you've got kids who're day dream about privateering on the Caribbean, then they'll love this kite. Even better, because of the kite's excellent performance it doesn't even have to be a particularly windy day for them to be able to fly.

Product Features

  • Stable and easy to fly even on light wind days
  • Jolly Roger design
  • Streamer tails trail behind the kite in flight
  • Suitable for beginners and children
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